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Cactus Update

Update On Cactus.

Many of our cactus plants will be coming into stock within the next 3-4 weeks with some following after.

It has now become extremely difficult and expensive to import cactus. As we have now left the E.U. 99% of all species are classed as endangered and now need a CITES permit, Not all nurseries are CITES registered and for those that are, it is a lengthy(can take up to 6 weeks) and expensive process to obtain permits as each species needs a separate certificate which incurs a separate fee(which we are billed for).

We in turn then use these export certificates to obtain import permits, which again which can take up to 6 weeks. This is a risky process for us as we again have to pay another fee up front for each species and if the permits are declined for any reason we are not refunded! The obtained permits have then to be sent back to the relevant nurseries in Spain to travel with the Cacti and be checked at the port by the Border Force Agency.

Unfortunately all the extra fees and paperwork has has increased the price of the Cacti slightly and we can only apologise for this, but there is little we can do. We are quite frankly as frustrated over this as our customers, as we have been importing cactus from the same nurseries for the last 6 years and because we have left the E.U they now need CITES!

On the upside, Cacti will be coming!


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