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Wallichi Disticha. False Sugar Palm.
The Wallichi Disticha is an extremely unique and unusual palm. Usually a solitary trunk palm it is covered in a dark brown mat of coarse criss crossed fibres. Its long arching leaves are arranged on just two planes on opposite sides of the trunk giving the look of a ladder. Numerous narrow fishtail leaflets medium to dark green in colour above, with silvery green undersides are in clusters and spread on several planes giving a plumose appearance. A medium sized palm the crown is nearly half the height of the tree. This handsome palm is however relatively short lived as it gets to around 15 years old then takes up to 4 years to complete flowering after which the palm dies. A very desirable but scarce palm, a great one for the collectors.


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  • Latin Name: Wallichi Disticta.
    Common Name: False Sugar Palm.
    Native to: Northeast India, Bangladesh,China, Northwest Thailand.
    Hardiness: Frost tender although mature specimens may take an occasional mild frost for short periods of time.
    Growth: Solitary palm. Long  leaves with narrow fishtail leaflets on different planes. Trunk is covered in a dark coloured coarse mat of fibres. 

    Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Likes sandy but will adapt to most. Well drained

    Moisture: Keep moist. Do not allow to dry between waterings. Do not Waterlog.
    Feeding: Feed during the growing season.

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