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Brahea 'Super Silver'. Silver Rock Palm
The Brahea 'Super Silver' is a relatively newly discovered species from Central Mexico. A slow growing single trunk palm with a crown of between 12-16 stiff fan shaped leaves that are a bright silvery white. The young palm is a medium green in colour turning silver as it matures. Unlike the Brahea Armata it's petioles are completely unarmed and have no teeth at all.

Cold hardy it copes well with extreme temperatures and arid conditions, liking a position in full or partial sun.
This is is an amazingly beautiful and exciting palm for the future.


Photos coming soon of the actual palms coming into stock in March/April 2019. These palms are exceptional quality, from specialist growers.

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BRAHEA 'SUPER SILVER'. Silver Rock Palm.

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  • Latin Name: Brahea 'Super Silver'.

    Common Name: Silver Rock Palm, Silver Brahea.

    Native to: Central Mexico.

    Hardiness: Down to -9 or lower, withstanding quite severe cold.

    Growth: Very classy, single trunk palm. Slow growing with 12-16 stiff bright silver- white coloured fan shaped leaves when mature. Unarmed petioles. Slow growing. Tolerant of wind, heat and drought.

    Sunlight: Full sun.

    Exposure: sheltered.

    Soil: Well draining

    Moisture: Water infrequently.

    Feeding: Feed through growing season.

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