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Zantedeschia 'Hercules'. Hercules Calla Lily.

The Zantedeschia 'Hercules' is one of the largest Calla Lily. Fast growing it can reach 6-7ft tall with the right conditions. Huge exotic lush green leaves with gorgeous white spots bring an amazing tropical feel and instant impact.

From an early age large showy snow white funnel shaped flowers with a bright yellow spadix and a faint scent rise above the foliage on tall stems during late spring and summer.

Tubers are hardy to around -5 degrees if planted deep but if kept in a pot they can be lifted and brought inside to prevent the plant going dormant through winter. Easy to grow, they are a stunning addition to any garden..


These Zantedeschia plants are premium quality from a Specialist grower. Photos 1-5 show the exact plants in stock now. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.


Click into the "Height" box and price of each palm is shown next to its size. UK delivery is FREE on all our palms, plants and trees.


To PRE-ORDER please contact us: with your requirements or alternatively reserve by choosing 'Manual' payments at checkout ( where no payment is taken until just before delivery).


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  • Latin Name: Zantedeshia 'Hercules'. Zantedeschia Aethiopica 'Hercules'.

    Common Name: Calla Lily. Easter Lily. Lily Of The Nile.

    Native: South Africa.

    Hardiness: Tubers are hardy to -5 or -6 degrees. Mulch crowns in winter. May suffer foliage damage and dieback in harsh winters.

    Growth: Fast growing. Huge exotic white spotted lush green leaves. Long lasting funnel shaped pure white flowers with a yellow spadix. Easy to grow. All parts may cause severe discomfort if ingested. Sap may be a skin irritant. 

    Sun: Partial sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Rich. Well drained soil.

    Moisture: Water regularly in summer. Keep moist.

    Feeding: Feed a balanced fertilizer every 2 weeks during the growing season.

  • Available For Delivery Now.


    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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