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Yucca Rostrata 'Blue Swan'. Skirted!
The Yucca Rostrata is a beautiful, tall, relatively slow growing sculptural yucca perfect for providing a dramatic accent to your garden design.
One of the most cold tolerant, it is hardy to drought as well as severe cold when established, down to temperatures of -15. It,s thin, pale blue/silvery leaves are slightly waxy and are arranged in an attractive symetrical rosette. This is a remarkably beautiful Yucca.


These specimens are exceptional quality. Photos 1-2 are of the actual large Yucca plants in stock now. All our plants are fully rooted.

Click into the "Height" box and price of each palm is shown next to its size. UK delivery is FREE on all our palms.


To PRE-ORDER please contact with your requirements or alternatively reserve by ordering through "Offline" payments at checkout (where no payment is taken until just before delivery) .

Yucca Rostrata 'Blue Swan'. Skirted! FREE UK Delivery!

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  • Latin Name: Yucca Rostrata.

    Common Name: Beaked Yucca.Silver Yucca. Big Bend Yucca.

    Native to: Northern Mexico, Southern Texas.

    Hardiness: Hardy down to -15 or lower.

    Growth Characteristics: Slow growing and usually single trunked, although branching can occur. Grey-blue narrow foliage arranged in an attractive rosette.

    Sunlight: Full sun.

    Exposure: Exposed.

    Soil: Well drained soil.

    Moisture: Water sparingly. do not water in winter.

    Height: 3-4m

    Spread: 1m

  • Available For Delivery Now.  


    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.


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