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Trithrinax Brasiliensis.
The Trithrinax Brasiliensis is a solitary trunk palm. It's stiff palmate leave blades are green on the topside, whilst having slightly greyish undersides and are deeply divided. It's trunk has unusual thickly woven fibre wrapping around it and upward and downward spines are formed near the crown.Relatively slow growing is a striking architectural palm.Quite unusual for the UK, it is great for collectors of hardy exotics. It is also said to be nearly extinct in it's native habitat.

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TRITHRINAX BRASILIENSIS. Brazilian Needle Palm. Free UK Delivery!

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  • Latin Name: Trithrinax Brasiliensis. Trithrinax Acanthocoma.

    Common Name: Brazilian Needle Palm.

    Native: South Eastern Brazil, Argentina.

    Hardiness: -6 degrees or lower. 

    Growth: Slow growing, solitary trunk palm with stiff deeply divided fan shaped leaves, green on top with greyish undersides. Armed with spikes. Rare and unusual palm for the UK.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Can tolerate high wind.

    Soil: Any, quick draining soil.

    Moisture: water regularly through summer, dry through winter. Drought resistant.  



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