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Trachycarpus Princeps.
The Trachycarpus Princeps or Stonegate Palm is an incredibly beautiful Trachycarpus species, only recently discovered in the early 1990's growing on sheer stone cliffs in the Stonegate Gorge in China.
It has a tall straight trunk, becoming bare as it matures. It's impressive fan-shaped leaves, blueish in colour with a white waxy underside are finely split to half-way down their length.
Slow growing, and very striking it is set to be one of the best palms for the future.


Photos 1-3 show some of the palms in stock now 2024. These rare palms are exceptional quality but there is an extremely limited availabilty. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.


Clich into the Height Box for individual prices and heights. All our palms and plants are FREE delivery for UK mainland.


To PRE- ORDER please contact with your requirements.

TRACHYCARPUS PRINCEPS. Stonegate Palm. Free UK Delivery!

  • Latin Name: Trachycarpus Princeps.

    Common Name:'Stonegate Palm'

    Native to: Sheef cliffs in the Stonegate Gorge, China

    Hardiness: Similar to other Trachycarpus

    Growth: Slow growing. Tall, straight  trunk. Huge blueish fan-shaped leaves with white waxy undesides developing as they mature.

    Sunlight: Sun/partial shade.

    Soil: fertile soil, well drained.

    Moisture: Water moderately.




  • Available For Delivery Now 2024.


    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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