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Thrinax Parviflora. Mountain Thatch Palm.
The Thrinax Parviflora is an extremely graceful palm but very rare in cultivation. Slow growing it has a solitary slender, smooth trunk, topped by an open crown of large nearly circular, deeply divided palmate leaves with twisted and curled leaf segments, medium-dark green on both surfaces and heavily veined. Very pretty this striking architectural palm does well on even poor, rocky or sandy soils and makes an excellent indoor palm given a well lit position. Unusual for the UK and great for collectors.

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THRINAX PARVIFLORA. Mountain Thatch Palm.

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  • Latin Name: Thrinax Parviflora.

    Common Name: Mountain Thatch Palm. Thatch Pole Palm. Broom Palm. Jamaican Thatch Palm. Palmero Royal. Palmero Thatch.

    Native: Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

    Hardiness: Tolerates a light frost for a short period. 

    Growth: Slow growing, solitary trunk palm with nearly circular deeply divided fan shaped leaves with twisted and curled leaf segments, heavily veined, glossy medium-dark green on both surfaces. Very salt and drought tolerant once established. Unusual palm for the UK. Low maintenance.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Better sheltered in the UK, but can tolerate wind.

    Soil: Sandy quick draining soil. Evenly moist.

    Moisture: water regularly through summer, less through winter. Dislikes soggy soils.Drought resistant.  

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