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Syagrus Schizophylla. Arikury Palm.

The Syagrus Schizophylla Palm is very graceful and elegant palm. This exotic neat looking palm only grows to around 10-15ft, has a short slender trunk below a dense upright crown of dark green arching pinnate leaves 1-2m long with leaflets all on a single plane. This is the one of only a few Syagrus with teeth along the petioles. The Arikury Palm starts flowering while still young and produces inch long coconut-like fruit.

 These attractive palms do quite well indoors if given lots of light and good circulation and can tolerate quite a fair amount of neglect, or perfect for growing on a patio or terrace in a container so it can be moved to a frost free place over winter.


Photo 1 shows some of the palms in stock now. These palms are excellent quality from specialist growers. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.

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  • Latin name: Syagrus Schizophylla

    Common Name: Arikury Palm. Dwarf Syagrus.

    Native: North Eastern Brazil

    Hardiness: Frost tender. Will tolerate cold but not frost.

    Growth Characteristics: A dense canopy of between 15-20 dark green arching pinnate leaves on a short, slender solitary trunk. Spines on the base of the leaf petioles. Will tolerate a fair amount of neglect. Easy to grow.

    Sun: Sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Well drained. 

    Moisture: Water moderately.


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