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Sabal Miamiensis. Miami Palmetto Palm.

The Sabal Miamiensis is a slow growing small shrub like palm reaching between 3-4ft in height. Growing an underground (subterranean) trunk, it keeps many of it's vital parts below the frost line.  
A very attractive robust palm with a compact crown of usually between 3-6 stiff deeply costapalmate leaves evenly green in colour. Its inflorescenses have creamy white flowers which droop quite low, not standing up tall. Closely related and looks similar to the Sabal Etonia, however its fruits are larger. 
This is an exceptionally rare palm and virtually extinct in habitat. Slow growing it will tolerate poor soils and coastal exposure


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SABAL MIAMIENSIS. Miami Palmetto Palm.

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  • Latin Name: Sabal Miamiensis

    Common Name: Miami Palmetto Palm.

    Native: Miami Pinelands of Southern Florida

    Hardiness: reportedly -10 degrees.

    Growth: Slow growing. Evergreen. Compact crown of 3-6 evenly green deeply costapalmate (petiole extends part of the way through the leaf as a midrib) leaves. Grows a solitary underground (subterranean) trunk.Inflorescenses have creamy white flowers and droop low. Tolerant of coastal exposure.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Soil: Sandy. Well drained. Can tolerate poor soil if well draining

    Moisture: Water regularly through growing season. Can tolerate drought.

    Feeding: Feed a balanced fertilizer through active growing season.

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