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Sabal Etonia. Scrub Palmetto.

The Sabal Etonia is a slow growing small shrub like palm reaching between 3-4ft in height. Growing an underground (subterranean) trunk, it keeps many of it's vital parts below the frost line. Very occasionally it can have a trunk above ground. 
A very attractive palm with usually between 4-7 stiff costapalmate leaves light green in colour. White marginal fibres appear as the palm matures. Petioles are unarmed.  
This is a great ornamental palm and is perfect for under-planting taller palms, giving interest and variety to your garden.


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SABAL ETONIA. Scrub Palmetto.

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  • Latin Name: Sabal Etonia

    Common Name: Scrub Palmetto, Scrub Palm.

    Native: Central and Southeastern Florida

    Hardiness: -12.

    Growth: Slow growing. Evergreen. Dwarf species. 4-7 stiff light green costapalmate (petiole extends part of the way through the leaf as a midrib) leaves. White marginal threads appear as it matures. Grows a solitary underground (subterranean) trunk, occasionally above ground.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Soil: Sandy. Well drained.

    Moisture: prefers moist but can tolerate drought.

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