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Pinanga Kuhlii. Ivory Cane Palm.

The Pinanga Kuhlii or Ivory Cane Palm as it is commonly known, is a very attractive evergreen clustering palm. Thin slender stems are smooth, pale green to ivory in colour and ringed with scars from old leaf bases. Leaves can be up to 1.5m in length made up of wide dark green pleated leaflets with blunt tips varying in lengths. Young leaves can often be pinkish in colour and lightly mottled.

Very easy to grow, it is a highly adaptable palm, tolerating dry atmospheres and low light levels as well as bright filtered light making it perfect for adding all year round greenery inside the house as well as out.

Also known as the Bamboo Palm.


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PINANGA KUHLII. Ivory Cane Palm.

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  • Latin Name: Pinanga Kuhlii.
    Common Name: Java Pinanga Palm. Kuhl's Palm. Ivory Cane Palm.
    Native to: Indonesian Islands of Java and Sumatra. Andaman Islands. Greater and Lesser Sunda Islands.
    Hardiness: Frost tender although mature specimens may take an occasional mild frost for short periods of time.
    Growth: Clustering palm. Long plumose leaves up to 1.5m having wide dark green pleated leaflets with blunt ends of varying length. Slender stems are pale green to ivory in colour. Rarely exceeds 6m tall. Inflorescenses are branched and hang from beneath the crownshaft. Moderate to fast growing. Works as a container plant indoors.
    Sunlight: Partial sun/partial shade.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Adaptable. Well drained.

    Moisture: Keep moist.
    Feeding: Feed regularly during the growing season.

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