Pachypodium Geayi. Madagascar Palm.
The Pachypodium Geayi is a very attractive and extraordinary succulent shrub or small tree. It has a tall silvery grey trunk covered with sharp thorns around 6cm long.The trunk may branch in more mature plants. Long, narrow grey-green leaves with a pinkish midrib only grow at the top of the trunk, similar to a palm tree, hence it's common name' Madagascar Palm'. The leaves are narrower than that of tha Pachypodium Lamerei. Large white fragrant flowers with yellow throats will develop at the top of the plants grown outdoors but they rarely flower on plants grown indoors. Easy to grow it makes a very unique and pretty houseplant in the UK.


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  • Latin Name: Pachypodium Geayi.
    Common Name: Madagascar Palm. 
    Native to: Southwest Madagascar.
    Hardiness: Frost tender.
    Growth: Unusual succulent shrub. Silvery grey trunk covered with thorns. Long narrow glossy grey-green leaves with a pinkish midrib at the apex of the trunk only. Can produce fragrant white flowers if conditions are right. Semi-deciduous or deciduous. Leaves will grow back in spring.
    Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Well drained

    Moisture: Water thoroughly and then allow top half of soil to dry before re-watering.

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