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Pachycereus Pecten-Aboriginum Cacti. Hairbrush Cactus.

The Pachycereus Pecten-Aboriginum Cactus is one of the largest columnar variety of cacti in the world. This giant branching evergreen succulent can reach heights of 15m. Many erect branches, deep green in colour have 10-12 acute ribs with areoles up to 1cm in diameter. There are few spines, but what are present are sharp and rigid, white to grey in colour. 1-2 central spines between 1-9cm long are erect or slightly curved in mature plants with 8-12 short spreading ones. In more mature specimens the areoles only bear a tuft of dense bristly spines, the larger of which is 1-3cm long.
White flowers between 5-7.5cm are nocturnal and are closed by midday the following day. The fruit is densely covered with long goldes spines and splits apart when ripe to show a layer of edible red flesh and shiney black seeds.
Perfect for Cacti enthusiasts. Very difficult to find for sale at this size in the UK.

These are amazing quality Large Cacti. Photos 1-3 show some of the actual Cactus plants in stock now. Limited availability. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes

Click into the "Height" box and price of each plant is shown next to its size. UK delivery is FREE on all our plants and palms.

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  • Latin Name: Pachycereus Pecten-Aboriginum. 

    Common Name: Hairbrush Cacti, Indian Comb Cacti.

    Origin: Mexico.

    Hardiness: Hardy down to -5

    Growth Characteristics: Giant Evergreen perennial columnar Cactus. Stems deep green in colour with around 10-12 acute ribs. Areoles up to 1cm in diameter, each bearing 1-2 sharp rigid erect spines 1-9cm in length and 8-12 short spreading ones. White nocturnal flowers. Fruit is densely covered in long golden spines. Red edible flesh and shiney black seeds inside. Drought tolerant once establised. Easy to grow.

    Sun: Full sun.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Well drained soil. Gritty. 

    Moisture: Water more in summer and during growing period. Allow to dry between waterings. Keep dry in winter. 

  • Available For Delivery Now.


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