Nectarine Tree. Variety 'Fantasia'.

The 'Fantasia' is one of the most popular variety of Nectarine Tree as it has a good resistance to frost. A vigorous variety with an upright form, it is easy to grow and a reliable producer, bearing fruit from 2-3 years of age. Beautifully fragrant blossom is produced in Springtime followed by large nectarines which ripen around late July -Early August. The fruit has a gorgeous vivid orange-red smooth skin, the deep golden yellow flesh is slightly firm and packed with delicious juice and rich flavours. A free stone fruit which means the flesh easily separates from the stone. The Variety 'Fantasia' is self fertile, meaning no other tree is needed to set the fruit. Grows very well in a sunny sheltered location, great for coastal locations and hardy throughout the UK. Highly tolerant of urban pollution this variety even trives in the inner city enviroment.


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NECTARINE TREES. Variety 'Fantasia'.

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  • Latin Name: Prunus Persica 'Fantasia'

    Common Name: Nectarine Tree 'Fantasia'. 

    Origin: Nursery elected Variety.

    Hardiness: Hardy down to -15 grees or lower.

    Growth: Deciduous ornamental fruit tree with oblong dark green leaves. Upright form. Good amount of fruit from a young age. Large nectarines vivid orange- red skin. Firm smooth flesh with rich sweet flavour ripening late July-early August. Self fertile. Blossom may need protecting with horticultural fleece at night if frosts are stll occuring. Tolerant of urban pollution.  

    Sun: Full sun.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Well drained fertile soil.

    Moisture: Water in first season of planting, in following seasons only when less rainfall.

    Pruning: Can be pruned annually in early Spring to keep it's size.

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