Musa Acuminata. Cavendish Banana.

The Musa Acuminata is also known as the Cavendish Banana and the fruit is likely to be the variety of banana on your supermarket shelves. Fast growing with an ultimate height of around 9-10ft tall, the huge exotic paddle shaped leaves, mid green in colour, grow to between 6-10ft long creating instant impact. The trunk is made up of tightly packed leaf sheafs and when mature drooping spikes of yellowish white flowers with big showy purple bracts grow from it followed by the edible fruit. Both female and male flowers are present in a single inflorescence. The stem then dies after producing fruit but new shoots are produced from the roots. Easy to grow, just water and feed generously during the growing season. Frost tender it can be grown outside through Spring, Summer and Autumn bringing into a frost free position through Winter or alternatively it makes a great tropical statement plant for containers in conservatories and bright rooms. 


These plants are exceptional quality from specialist growers. Photos 1-4 show some of the exact 70L banana plants coming into stock from Spring 2022. Photos to follow of the 20L plants. These plants have exceptionally thick trunks. Please note: Heights stated include pot sizes.


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MUSA ACUMINATA. Cavendish Banana.

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