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Mangave 'Whale Tale'. Manfreda x Agave

The Mangave 'Whale Tale' is a relatively new and exciting cross between the genus Manfreda and the Agave Ovatifolia. One of the larger Mangaves it has a low but wide symetrical rosette of large blue-green leaves speckled with dark spots The colours become more pronounced in full sun. Although the leaves have tiny marginal spines together with a terminal spine, they are relatively soft to touch compared to the Agave. 

Great for exotic gardens, it's bold silhouette making a wonderful architectural centrepiece. Perfect for urban and rock gardens and very low maintenance. This mangave can produce sparse offsets.

Photos 1-4 show the exact Mangaves coming into stock from mid March 2021. These are exceptional quality from specialist growers. Limited availability.


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SKU: ManWTale-25
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  • Latin Name: Mangave 'Whale Tale'. Manfreda x Agave Ovatifolia.

    Common Name: False Agave.  

    Native to: Central And South America.

    Hardiness: Around -4 degrees but may need some winter protection. Drought tolerant.

    Growth Characteristics: One of larger Mangaves. Wide symetrical rosette of amazing blue-green leaves speckled with dark spots. Tiny marginal teeth and terminal spine softer that Agaves. Tolerant of urban pollution. A waxy coating gives this plant more of a silvery look.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Sheltered/Exposed

    Soil: Free draining gritty substrate. Sharp draining.

    Moisture: Keep as dry as possible through winter.

  • Pre-Order Now For Delivery From Mid March.


    All plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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