Livistona Decipiens. Livistona Decora. 
The Livistona Decipiens is also known as Livistona Decora. It is stylish and decorative palm, solitary trunked with amazing foliage. When mature the crown has between 40-60 large deeply costapalmate leaves, almost 'V' shaped, deep green to bluish green on the top surface, glaucous greyish green on the undersides and divided for half their length into pendent segments.  Petioles are long with blackish coloured teeth along their margins. Highly branched inflorescenses produce yellow flowers in summer. 
A stunning and very elegant addition to any garden, it prefers a sheltered sunny spot. As the plant matures it will become hardier, but it may require protection in winter although it is one of the hardier Livistona palms taking around -5/-6 degrees. Perfect for growing in pots.


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  • Latin Name: Livistona Decipiens.

    Common Name: Weeping Cabbage Tree Palm  Ribbon Fan Palm.

    Origin: Australia.

    Hardiness: Hardy down to -5 to -6 degrees. May need some protection during severe frost.

    Growth: Solitary trunked palm. Evergreen. Large, glossy costapalmate fan shaped leaves deeply divided with pendent segments, deep green-bluish green on the top surface, glaucous greyish green below. Highly branched inflorescence with yellow flowers. 

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: sheltered.

    Soil: Adaptable if well drained.

    Moisture: Water moderately in the growing season, less in winter.

    Feeding: Feed a balanced fertilizer through the growing season.

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