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Kalanchoe Tomentosa. Cat Ears Plant.
The Kalanchoe Tomentosa is a very beautiful evergreen perennial succulent shrub. Thick stems produce branches and many groups of fasinating mainly oval shaped fleshy leaves which are greyish-green in colour with brownish-red spotted margins. Each leaf is covered with tiny silvery-white hairs giving the plant a furry, velvety texture which also allows it to conserve water in high heat in it's native Madagascar. From early Spring panicles of tubular yellow-green flowers can appear but it is usually only in the their wild habitat. Easy to grow it makes a very unique and pretty houseplant in the UK given plenty of light. They can stand outside through summer but best kept frost free. 


Photos 1-4 show some of the actual plants in stock now. These plants are exceptional quality coming from a specialist grower.

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SKU: KalanTom-3.5
  • Latin Name: Kalanchoe Tomentosa.

    Common Name: Panda Plant. Cat Ears. Pussy Ears. Donkey Ears.
    Native to: Madagascar.
    Hardiness: Keep frost free. Can be put out through Summer but brought in through Winter
    Growth: Evergreen succulent shrub. Upright fleshy leaves are greyish-green with brownish-red spotted margins. Leaves covered in tiny silvery-white hairs giving the appearance of them being velvety. Panicles of tubular yellow-green flowers can appear in Spring. Ideal houseplant. Easy to care for. Can survive neglect. Can grow up to 1m in height.
    Sunlight: Bright light with some direct sun.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Well drained.

    Moisture: Water regularly through the growing season. Allow to dry between waterings. Avoid waterlogging. Sparingly in winter, do not let sit in water. Do not mist.

    Feeding: Feed monthly during growing season with a balanced half strength liquid feed.

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    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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