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Jubaeopsis Caffra. Pondoland Palm.
The Jubaeopsis Caffra is a rare and impressive Palm related to the Cocos (coconut). Slow growing it reaches a maximum of 6m in it's natural habitat. Long elegant glossy green, pinnate leaves arch from their mid-point giving this palm it's stunning, graceful look. Stout petioles are unarmed and can be green, yellow or orange. Sparsley clumping, the trunk retains old woody leaf bases and is fibrous

A great one for the collectors, it is a very desirable palm, salt spray tolerant and beautiful even when young. 


Photos coming soon of the actual palms coming into stock in April 2018. These palms are of exceptional quality from specialist growers. All are fully rooted.

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  • Latin name: Jubaeopsis Caffra

    Common Name: Pondoland Palm, Kaffir Palm, Pondo Coconut.

    Native: South America (Eastern Cape Province)

    Hardiness: Mature plants are hardy to -6.

    Growth: Rare. Multi-stemmed evergreen palm. Slow Growing. Glossy green graceful alternately pinnate leaves.  Inflorescenses carry flowers of both sexes and produce round 1inch yellow fruit.

    Sun: Sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil:  Fertile. Well drained.

    Moisture: Water moderately.


  • Order now for delivery from April 2018


    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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