Grape Vines. 'Superior' Variety.

The 'Superior' grape variety is a very vigorous variety with big clusters of light green grapes ripening from the middle of August. The fruit is firm, sweet, seedless and very delicious. 

Grape vines instantly bring a piece of the Mediterranean to your garden. Grown in a sunny, sheltered position they will produce bountiful crops of delicious sweet fruits even in the UK.
Perfect as an alternative to conventional climbers, grape vines are easy to grow and are quite happy in containers if space is limited. 

Caring for your Grape Vine is easy, remember they are a fruit tree so they will need feeding. Feed with tomato feed every 2 weeks from a month after growth starts in spring until the grapes start to ripen, through the growing season until they start to ripen.


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GRAPE VINES. Seedless Grape Vine 'Superior'.

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  • Latin Name: Vitis Vinifera 'Superior'

    Common Name: Grape Vine.

    Native: Mediterranean.

    Hardiness: Protect from long periods of frost.

    Growth: Very vigorous variety. Deciduous ornamental tree with bright green leaves and delicious, firm, light green skinned fruit. Espalier trained. Seedless. 

    Sun: Full sun.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Flowering Season: Sping/ Summer.

    Fruiting Season: Early Autumn.

    Pruning Time: Early winter.

    Soil:Well drained soil, sandy.

    Moisture: Water well in summer.

    Feeding: Feed a balanced fertilizer from Spring through the fruiting season.

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