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Gaussia Maya. Maya Palm.
The Gaussia Maya is an elegant palm whose existance is threatened in the wild by loss of habitat. When mature it has a crown of between 6-8 long elegantly arching leaves, the grass green leaflets arranged on many planes giving them a densely feathery appearance. A solitary palm, its grey coloured trunk is slender with a slightly swollen base when young, but as the palm matures the bulge disappears. The Gaussia Maya is unique in the fact that it can have around a dozen inflorescenses on any one plant at any time as the first ones produced remain as a bud for several years as the trunk continues growing and produing more. At some point all the buds begin to open in consecutive order. The fruit which follows is bright red. No spines are present. This attractive looking palm is great for bright conservatories or patios through summer. Frost tender it is better brought inside through winter. Rarely available for sale so great for the collectors.


Photos 1-2 shows ome of the actual palms in stock now. These palms are exceptional quality, from specialist growers. Limited availability.  

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SKU: GMp-3.5
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  • Latin Name: Gaussia Maya.
    Common Name: Ilumepalm.
    Native to: Belize. Guatemala. Southeast Mexico.
    Hardiness: Frost tender although mature specimens may take an occasional mild frost for short periods of time.
    Growth: Solitary palm. Long plumose leaves up to 2.5m with leaflets on 360 degress around the rachis. Smooth and slender trunk is slightly bottle shaped at the base when young dissapearing as it matures.
    Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Well drained.

    Moisture: Keep moist. Do not allow to dry between waterings. Do not allow to sit in water.
    Feeding: Feed regularly during the growing season.

  • Available For Delivery Now.


    All palms and plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.   

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