Ferrocactus Emoryi Cacti. Emory's Barrel Cactus.
The Ferrocactus Emoryi is a very attractive Cactus with amazing spines. Usually a solitary variety of cacti where the young specimens are globe shaped and more mature plants take on a stout cylindrical form. The light green to glaucous green stem has between 15-30 ribs with tubercles especially when young. The spines can be white to a striking reddish colour with one central curved spine up to 10cm long and between 5-9 radial spines also curved measuring up to 6cm long. Red-brilliant red coloured funnel shaped flowers are about 7cm in diameter and  7.5cm long. This really is an attractive cactus and perfect for Cacti enthusiasts.


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  • Latin Name: Ferrocactus Emoryi.

    Common Name: Emory's Barrel Cactus. Long spined Barrel Cactus. Arizona Barrel Cactus. Traveler's Friend.

    Origin: Mexico. Arizona

    Hardiness: Can take sporadic -2 degree frosts if dry, but better kept frost free.

    Growth Characteristics: Very showy barrel to cylindrical Cactus. 15-30 prominent ribs. Sines coloured white to a striking red colour. 1 Large curved central spine,  5-9 radial spines also curved. Red to brilliant red coloured funnel shaped flowers 7cm across, up to 7.5cm long. Slow growing to start with.

    Sun: Full sun.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Fast draining soil. Gritty. 

    Moisture: Water around every 10-14 days in the growing season. Allow to dry between waterings. Keep dry in winter.

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