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Equisetum Japonicum. Japanese Horsetail.
The Equisetum Japonicum also known as the Japanese Horsetail is a striking clump forming reed-like plant. Long, slender cylindrical stems are hollow with black and white coloured joints. Evergreen, this attractive plant need to be kept well watered or can be grown in the pond as a marginal plant giving all year round interest.

Very undemanding and cold hardy they grow up to a height of between 120-130cm

Photos 1-3 show some of the actual plants in stock now. These plants are excellent quality from specialist growers. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.

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EQUISETUM JAPONICUM. Barred Horsetail. Marginal Pond Plant

  • Latin Name: Equisetum Japonicum.

    Common Name: Barred Horsetail, Japanese Horsetail.

    Origin: Japan.

    Hardiness: Down to -20.

    Growth: Very easy to grow. Evergreen. Long slender erect green stems, hollow and cylindrical with black and white joints. Reed-like.

    Sunlight: Full sun/ partial shade.

    Exposure: Exposed/sheltered. 

    Soil: Boggy.

    Moisture: Keep well watered or plant in water up to 15cm depth above the crown

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    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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