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Dypsis Leptochilos. Teddy Bear Palm 

The Dypsis Leptochilos is a very beautiful and unique palm from Madagascar. The solitary trunk is green and bamboo-like, although it is covered in a white powder making it almost white in appearance. A dense reddish-brown velvet like hair covers the crownshaft, hence its common name of 'The Teddy Bear Palm'. This majestic palm tree when mature has a crown around 15 gracefully arching dark green glossy pinnate leaves. Leaflets are closely spaced and droop downwards. 

Considered critically endangered in the wild, it is a palm which is hard to come by and quite sought after. Relatively slow growing it can be grown happily in a greenhouse, conservatory or atrium. 


Photo 1-2 show some of the exact palms in stock now. These palms are exceptional quality from a specialist grower.

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  • Latin Name: Dypsis Leptochilos.

    Common Name: Teddy Bear Palm, Redneck Palm, Red-stemmed Triangle Palm,Red Fuzzy Palm..

    Native to: Madagascar.

    Hardiness: Best kept frost free..

    Growth Characteristics: Evergreen. Very impressive solitary palm with long gracefully arching pinnate leaves. Drooping leaflets. Medium sized palm. Dense reddish-brown fuzz on the crownshaft. Bammboo like trunk covered in a white powder. Critically endangered in habitat. 

    Sunlight: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Rich, well drained soil.

    Moisture: Water regularly. Re-water when top inch of soil feels dry  Likes humidity.

    Feeding: Feed in spring and summer.

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    All palms and plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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