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Cyperus Alternifolius Variegatus. Variegated Umbrella Plant.
The Cyperus Alternifolius Variegatus is a highly attractive clumping perennial plant with bold variegation which is more than happy to grow in boggy soils and shallow water. Leaves are all symmetrically arranged in a circle around the tops of the triangular green stems, striped with white bands. In Summer small greenish flowers appear at the centre of the circles followed by small fruits which turn from golden to dark brown. Great for bringing colour and texture to any garden and patio or perfect as a houseplant too.

Very undemanding, this beautiful plant should overwinter outside in the south of the UK but will probably need to be brought inside in the North.

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  • Latin Name: Cyperus Alternifolius Variegatus.

    Common Name:Variegated Umbrella Plant. VariegatedUmbrella Sedge. Umbrella Papyrus. Broadleaf Umbrella Plant.

    Origin: Madagascar. South Africa.

    Hardiness: Root hardy to around -7/8 degrees but foliage will be damaged by frost.

    Growth: Very easy to grow. Clumping grass-like perennial.  Long slender erect triangular green stems, have a circle of leaves above, all striped with a bold white variegation. Flowers in Summer. Can be kept as a stunning houseplant. 

    Sunlight: Partial shade/full shade.

    Exposure: Exposed/sheltered. 

    Soil: Boggy soil or shallow water. If keeping as a houseplant place a saucer of water under the plant to keep it moist.

    Moisture: Keep well watered or plant in shallow water. 

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