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Crassula Portulacea. Jade Plant. 5ft tall.
The Crassula Portulacea is a very beautiful and attractive succulent evergreen shrub. Well branched it has a compact rounded shape. Dark green oval shaped succulent leaves grow in opposing pairs along the branches. These can develop a red tinge around the edges in high levels of sunlight. Flowering in winter time, it forms masses of very pretty sweet scented pale pink star shaped flowers. Easy to grow it makes a very unique and pretty houseplant in the UK given plenty of light. It can stand outside through summer if the weather is favourable. Very rare to find for sale at this size in the UK (5ft).


Photo 4 shows the actual plant in stock now. It is exceptional quality coming from a specialist grower. Only one available!

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  • Latin Name: Crassula Portulacea.
    Common Name: Jade Plant, Lucky Plant, Money Plant.
    Native to: South Africa, Monzambique.
    Hardiness: Frost tender. Above 7 degrees
    Growth: Evergreen succulent shrub. Thick and fleshy branches. Oval green succulent leaves growing in opposing pairs. Leaf edges can become tinged with red. Masses of clustered small star shaped fragrant, pale pink flowers. Winter flowering. Ieal houseplant. Can survive neglect.
    Sunlight: Bright light with some direct sun.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Rich. Well drained

    Moisture: Water thoroughly but allow the potting mixture to dry to two thirds down before re-watering. Sparingly in winter.

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