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Coccothrinax Borhidiana. Borhidi's Guano Palm.

The Coccothrinax Borhidiana is of all the probably the most striking and desirable of all of the Coccothrinax species. It is also critically endangered in habitat, restricted to an area of less than 10km squared, threatened by development, road constuction, fire and nearby oil extraction. It is a very slow growing, smallish palm with a solitary slender trunk covered in a fibrous 'coat'. It's crown is very dense and tight made up of rigid leathery circular leaves on short petioles, greyish-green in colour on the topsides, being a little lighter on the undersides. Tolerant of salt and drought once established. This strikingly beautiful palm is a great one for collectors.


Photos to follow of some of the exact palms coming into stock from March 2020. These palms are exceptional quality from a specialist grower. Limited availability. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.

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  • Latin Name: Coccothrinax Borhidiana.
    Common Name: Borhidi's Guano Palm.
    Native to: Mantanzas Province in Cuba.
    Hardiness: Frost Tender.
    Growth: Solitary slender trunk. Smallish palm between 2-4m tall. Very slow growing. Dense crown of circular rigid fan shaped leaves, greyish-green on upper surface, lighter beneath. Very rare and critically endandered. Tolerant of salt exposure and drought once established.
    Sunlight: Full sun.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Well drained.

    Moisture: Water moderately during growing season. Less in winter.

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    All palms and plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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