Cloud Olive Trees. Angled Formation.

These mature Spanish Olive Trees are exceptional quality and very unusual. Shaped over many years the stunning silvery green folige is trimmed into a cloud formation wth strong gnarly trunks being trained at an angled to create real character, perfect for providing year round interest for any garden, courtyard or patio. A real statement Olive Tree hard to find for sale in the UK. All the Olive Trees are hand-picked by ourselves for formation and quality. 

These Olive Trees are Lechin which is a very rustic cultivar and one of the toughest. It has become increasingly popular in the UK as it can tolerate temperatures down to -15 degrees and is very wind and drought resistant, whilst also tolerating poor quality soils.
Perfect as an ornamental, evergreen tree, it will need a light prune to keep it in shape.
Caring for an Olive Tree is easy, remember they are a fruit tree so they will need regular watering and feeding. Feed with a balanced fertilizer such as 'Olive Focus' once a fortnight from May to October to ensure your Olive Tree grows well in the UK.


Photos 1-3 show some of the exact Olive Trees coming into stock from April 2021. These are amazing quality Olive Trees from a Specialist grower. All our Olive Trees are tested Free from xylella before arriving into stock. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes. 60-100cmtrC is a trunk circumference measurement.


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CLOUD OLIVE TREES. Angled Formation.

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  • Latin Name: Olea Europaea.

    Common Name: European Olive.

    Common Spanish Cultivars: Lechin. Arbequina. Picual. Hojiblanca.

    Native: Mediterranean Europe.

    Hardiness: Hardy down to -15 degrees

    Growth: Easy to grow. An evergreen ornamental tree with small grey/green leathery leaves. Gnarled trunk trained at an angle.

    Sun: Full sun.

    Soil: well drained soil.

    Water: Water regularly during the warmer months especially if in a pot. Avoid waterlogging.

    Pruning: Trim in Spring to early Summer to keep its shape

    Feeding: Feed a balanced liquid fertiliser such as 'Olive Focus' once every 2 weeks through the growing season 

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