Chamaerops Humilis.

The Chamaerops Humilis or European Fan Palm gives a fantastic exotic and tropical look to any garden. It is a really tough and undemanding palm when established and is hardy down to -12 making it a perfect palm for the UK climate.
Evergreen and very wind and salt spray tolerant too, so a great choice for exposed coastal gardens.
Forming a trunk when mature, this lovely bushy palm has strong, stiff fan like fronds which grow at an upward angle. Foliage colour can vary.



This fully frost proof pot is very simple, but striking in design, with a raised olive branch motif.   


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  • Latin Name: Chamaerops Humilis.

    Common Name: Mediterranean Fan Palm. European Fan Palm.

    Origin: Mediterranean Europe.

    Hardiness: -12

    Growth: Slow growing. Once mature a trunk is formed. Strong fan-like fronds grow at an upward angle.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Soil: Dry well drained.

    Exposure: Very wind tolerant. Salt spray tolerant.

    Moisture: Keep moist during growing season. Little water in winter.




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