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Caryota Mitis. Clustering Fishtail Palm.
The Caryota Mitis is a really beautiful palm with a very distinct appearance. Dense clustering stems have rich green leaves composed of unusual triangular shaped leaflets with serrated edges resembling a fish tail, hence its common name of 'Fishtail Palm'.  With an upright rather than spreading growth habit it is perfect as a houseplant if space is limited or also great for growing in conservatories or atriums. Can be grown outside during the Summer months.


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CARYOTA MITIS. Clustering Fishtail Palm.

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  • Latin Name: Caryota Mitis.
    Common Name: Clustering Fishtail Palm. Burmese Fishtail Palm. Fishtail Palm.
    Native to: Asia. Southern China.
    Hardiness: Frost tender. Houseplant. Can be grown outside during Summer.
    Growth: Clustering palm. Relatively fast growing if conditions are good. Rich green leaves triangular leaflets with serrated edges. Upright growth habit.
    Sunlight: Bright indirect light.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Well drained

    Moisture: Keep lightly moist. Allow top 2 inches of soil to dry before re-watering. Likes humidity so a pebble tray can be used. Mist leaves every few days.
    Feeding: Feed once every month throughout Spring and Summer.

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