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Bromeliad Aechmea Blanchetiana 'Orange'. 

The Bromeliad Aechmea Blanchetiana 'Orange' is a stunning and one of the unusually large bromeliads. Wide shiny pale green to orange coloured leaves are arranged arching rosettes to form a well in the centre into which water is collected and absorbed through modified cells at the base of the them. Colour is dependant on how much sun the plant receives, it will adapt to semi shade but the leaves will turn greener. Small backward facing spines are present along the leaf margins. In Springtime a spectacular heavily branched flower stalk emerges from the centre rosette up to 5ft tall with small red and yellow flowers. A clumping variety it can produce several pups. 

Great for exotic gardens, it's bold silhouette making a wonderful architectural centrepiece. Perfect for coastal gardens as it an tolerate some salt in coastal conditions as well as urban and rock gardens. Very low maintenance. 

Photos 1-4 show the exact Bromeliads in stock now. These are exceptional quality from specialist growers. Limited availability. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.


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SKU: BABbr15-3.5
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  • Latin Name: Bromeliad Aechmea Blanchetiana 'Orange'.

    Common Name: Large Bromeliad 

    Native to: Eastern Brazil

    Hardiness: -1 degrees so will need winter protection but preferable to bring inside during winter months. Drought tolerant.

    Growth Characteristics: Symetrical rosette of wide pale-green to orange dependant on sun exposure. Small back facing marginal teeth. Tall long lasting flower stalk emerges in springtime. Tolerant of coastal salt and drought.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.  

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Free draining gritty substrate. .

    Moisture: When watering ensure the middle well is filled as most of the water is absorbed through cells in the leaf bases. Don not over water the soil around the plant as this can cause the plant to rot.  

    Feeing: Do not fertilize as high nutrients turn the plant green.

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