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Arenga Australasica. Australian Sugar Palm.

The Arenga Australasica is an attractive clustering palm. There is usually 1-3 dominant trunks with many suckers at the base. When young the trunks are covered in a thick fibrous tissue but as they mature this is shed leaving a smooth surface which is a light grey colour and ringed with leaf scars. Mature palms have a tall crown of around 12 elegantly arching leaves up to 3.5m long. The fronds are pinnate with narrow stiff pleated leaflets, dark green on the upper surface and greyish green underneath which grow from the rachis at a 30 degree angle creating a 'V' shape in cross section.

The inflorescences are large pendant clusters of yellowish male and female flowers followed by small round fruit,  red, purple or brown in colour

Evergreen and slow growing, this palm is great for a consevatory. Listed as vunerable in habitata it is still a palm which is quite hard to come by and quite sought after. 


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ARENGA AUSTRALASICA. Australian Arenga Palm.

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  • Latin Name: Arenga Australasica.

    Common Name: Australian Arenga Palm. Australian Sugar Palm. 

    Native: North Queensland. Eastern Coast of Arnhem Land.

    Hardiness: Frost tender.

    Growth Characteristics: Slow growing, tropical looking clustering palm. 1-3 dominant trunks with immature suckers at the base . Thick fibrous tissue cover young trunks, with older trunks being smooth and ringed. Elegant arching feathery leaves, stiff leaflets are dark green on top, greyish green underneath.  

    Exposure: Sheltered. 

    Sunlight: Full Sun/ Partial shade

    Soil: Rich but well draining. 

    Moisture: Water regularly but moderately during summer. Keep moist. Likes humidity. 

    Feeding: Benefits from regular fertilizing.

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