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Aloe Barberae.
The Aloe Barberae is a very striking and sculptural Aloe plant with dramatic foliage and attractive flowers. This large perennial succulent resembles a 'small tree' becoming branched as it matures sprouting many decorative rosettes. Each rosette consists of widely spreading long dark green sword shaped leaves, deeply channelled and recurved with small brown tipped teeth along their margins.

In winter  on mature plants many flower spikes appear above the foliage producing a spectacular display of long lasting salmon to rose pink tubular shaped flowers with green tips.

Very easy to grow and great for growing in pots athough it will need to be protected or brought into a frost free position in cold Winters. 


These are amazing quality Aloes from Specialist Growers. Photos 1-5 show some of the actual Aloe plants in stock now. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.

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ALOE BARBERAE. Aloe Bainesii.

  • Latin Name: Aloe Barberae. 

    Origin: South Africa and Northwards to Mozambique.

    Hardiness: Hardy down to -2 degrees. Protect or bring into a frost free position in Winter.

    Growth Characteristics: Large evergreen perennial succulent shrub/tree branching with age.  Decorative rosettes of recurved deep green fleshy leaves with small teeth along their margins. Large flower spikes of salmon to rose pink tubular shaped flowers with green tips. 

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Well drained soil. Sandy/gravelly. 

    Moisture: Water moderately throughout the year; give a deep drink and then allow to dry before rewatering but water very sparsely in winter.

    Feeding: Can use a cacti fertilizer high in potassium during Summer.

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