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Agave Parryi var Truncata

The Agave Parryi var Truncata is a striking Agave with attractive short and broad silvery/blue leaves. Small dark reddish brown teeth are widely spaced along their margins and a wavy terminal spine is present.

Also know as the 'Artichoke' Agave it has a compact form with symmetrical rosettes resembling those of an Artichoke. Freely produces offsets. Cold tolerant, it is always better to keep it as dry as possible throughout winter. Perfect for urban and rock gardens, it's slow growing and very low maintenance


Photos 1-3 show some of the actual plants in stock now 2024. These are exceptional quality from Specialist Growers.

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  • Latin Name: Agave Parryi var Truncata.

    Common Name: Artichoke Agave. Mescal Agave

    Native to:Mexico.

    Hardiness: Hardy down to around -8. Drought tolerant.

    Growth Characteristics: A medium sized agave. Compact form with a symetrical globose rosette. Thick, short silvery/Grey leaves. Small widely spaced reddish brown teeth and terminal spine. Freely produces offsets.

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Any

    Soil: Free draining gritty substrate.

    Moisture: Keep as dry as possible through winter.



  • Available For Delivery Now 2024.


    All plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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