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Agave Americana Hybrids.   
Agaves are amazing exotic, drought tolerant plants. Native to Mexico and the North, Central and South of the United States, they are a very popular ornamental plants in the UK.
Agave Americana hybrids are extremely variable in appearance but are easy to grow needing very little maintenance. Large basal rosettes of leaves are rigid, but can be light-green to green to glaucous grey but most have beautiful pronounced patterns on their surfaces. Typically having spiney margins and a sharp terminal point, it is better to plant them away from walkways.

Great for exotic gardens and coastal gardens as these are salt spray tolerant too. These agaves bold silhouettes make wonderful architectural centrepieces.


These are exceptional quality large Agaves. Photo 1-3 are of the actual  plants in stock now. 

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  • Latin Name: Agave Americana Hybrids

    Native to: Southwestern Texas into Mexico.

    Hardiness: Hardy to -12 and drought tolerant when established.

    Growth: Evergreen perennial succulent with a large rosette of lance-like erect fleshy leaves, with beautiful pronounced patterns on their surfaces. Leaf colour is variable as so the colours of the marginal teeth and terminal spines. Salt spray tolerant.

    Sun: Any.

    Exposure: Any

    Soil: Well drained, plenty of gravel.

    Moisture: Dry in winter 

  • Available for Delivery Now.


    All plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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