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Rhipsalis Baccifera Heteroclada. Hanging Cactus.
The Rhipsalis Baccifera Heteroclada Cactus has long slender succulent pendent green stems. Very attractive these sprawling stems cascade down over the pot giving a waterfall effect.  

Small flowers are around 1cm in diameter and are usually white or whitish in colour. Mistletoe-like berries (hence the name Mistletoe Cactus) are produced when the cactus is mature.

This unique and very trendy cactus is perfect for providing a dramatic accent to your house or office.

These types of cacti are Epiphytic, meaning in habitat they grow in trees or on rocks, getting their nutrients from the air or dead leaves and other debris collected in the cracks or crevasses. 

Very easy to keep needing minimal maintenance. 


These are amazing quality Large Cactus from Specialist growers. Photos 1-4 show some of the actual Cactus plants in stock now. These are large hanging cactus plants. 

Click into the "Height" box and price of each plant is shown next to its size. UK delivery is FREE on all our plants and palms.


To PRE-ORDER please contact us: with your requirements or alternatively reserve by choosing 'Manual' payments at checkout ( where no payment is taken until just before delivery).


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  • Latin Name: Rhipsalis Baccifera Heteroclada.

    Common Name: Mistletoe Cactus. Wicker Work Cactus. Jungle Cactus. 

    Origin: Florida, Africa, Madagascar and Sri Lanka.

    Hardiness: Better kept above 5 degrees.

    Growth Characteristics:  Hanging cactus. Evergreen. Long pencil-like sprawling stems variable in length. Pendent form. Small white or whitish flowers and mistletoe like berries. Epiphytic plants. Require little maintenance

    Sun: Partial sun. Bright filtered light.

    Exposure: Indoor Houseplant. Can be moved outside into filtered light (Not direct sunshine) through summer

    Soil: Well drained soil. 

    Moisture: Water during growing season. Allow to dry between waterings. When top 0.5 inch of soil is dry then water. Needs a little more water than regular cacti. Can mist leaves to provide a little humidity. 

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    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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