Ferrocactus Latispinus Cacti. Devil's Tongue Barrel Cactus.
The Ferrocactus Latispinus is a very striking Cactus with amazing spines. Usually a solitary variety of cacti where the young specimens are globe shaped and more mature plants take on a cylindrical form. The light green stem has between 13-23 prominent ribs. The spines are clearly differentiated, 4 large central, of which the lowest one is wider and flat, bent downward and hooked, up to one and a half inches long. The remaining central spines are straight. Between 6-12 radial spines are spread and measure up to one inch long. Glossy vivid purple coloured funnel shaped flowers are about 2-3 inches in diameter and followed by oval shaped fruit. This really is an attractive cactus and perfect for Cacti enthusiasts.  


These are exceptional quality cacti from Specialist Growers. Limited availability. Photos 1-2 are of the actual Cactus coming into stock from mid March 2021.

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FERROCACTUS LATISPINUS. Devil's Tongue Barrel Cactus

  • Latin Name: Ferrocactus Latispinus.

    Common Name: Devil's Tongue Barrel Cactus. Crow's Claw Cactus. Candy Cactus. Fish Hook Cactus.

    Origin: Mexico.

    Hardiness: -3 if dry

    Growth Characteristics: Very showy cylindrical Cactus. 13-23 prominent acute ribs. 4 Large central spines, the lowest being flattened and curved downwards. 6-12 radial spines are speading up to 1inch long. Glossy vivid purple coloured funnel shaped flowers about 2-3 inches across. Oval shaped fruit. Slow growing.

    Sun: Full sun.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Fast draining soil. Gritty. 

    Moisture: Water around every 14 days. Allow to dry between waterings. Keep dry in winter.

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    All palms have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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