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Fatsia Japonica. Japanese Aralia

The Fatsia Japonica is quite an exotic looking evergreen shrub with beautiful large palmately lobed leaves, glossy dark green in colour and between 6-16 inches across. In Autumn clusters of small delicate white flowers are produced followed by small black fruit. 

Tolerant of coastal exposure, urban pollution and low light levels. Frost hardy down to around -10 degrees. this plant will recover well even if touched by freezing weather. Can grow up to 4m so this is a great plant for bringing a tropical effect to a border or indeed as a stand alone specimen in a decorative pot also. 


These specimens are exceptional quality from specialist growers. Photos 1-2 show some of the plants in stock now 2024. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes. 

Click into the "Height" box and price of each plant is shown next to its size. UK delivery is FREE on all our plants.


To PRE-ORDER please contact us: with your requirements or alternatively reserve by choosing 'Manual' payments at checkout (where no payment is taken until just before delivery).

FATSIA JAPONICA. Japanese Aralia.

  • Latin Name: Fatsia Japonica.

    Common Name: Japanese Aralia, Glossy-leaf Paper Fatsia. Castor Oil Plant

    Origin: Southern Japan, Southern Korea, Taiwan.

    Hardiness: -10 degrees. 

    Growth Characteristics: Evergreen shrub. Suckers. Broad and leathery glossy green palmately lobed leaves. Easy to care for. 

    Sunlight: Partial shade. Can tolerate full shade. Does not enjoy full sun.

    Exposure: Shelter from wind.Can coastal positions and urban pollution. 

    Soil: Any soil. Happier on heavy rich soil.

    Moisture: Water regularly through the growing season, less in winter. 

    Feeding: Feed once a month through summer with a liquid feed.

  • Available For Delivery Now 2024.


    All palms and plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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