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Euphorbia Trigona 'Rubra'.
The Euphorbia Trigona 'Rubra' is a very attractive upright succulent tree, with closely packed stems flushed a stunning red to a magenta colour. Each has 3-4 vertical ridges with pairs of reddish-brown spines running along them, around 1cm apart. Lanceolate shaped leaves, also a reddish colour are produced  inbetween the spines from the ridge sides in Spring, usually deciduous, but if conditions are correct they may last throughout the winter. 

Do be aware of it's milky sap which can be an irritant to eyes and mucous membranes.

Perfect for Cacti and succulent enthusiasts, this very interesting plant is very difficult to find for sale at this size in the UK.


These are amazing quality Large Cacti. Photos 1-6 show some of the succulent plants coming into stock from Spring 2024. Please Note: Heights stated include pot sizes.

Click into the "Height" box and price of each plant is shown next to its size. UK delivery is FREE on all our plants and palms.


To PRE-ORDER please contact us: with your requirements or alternatively reserve by choosing 'Manual' payments at checkout (where no payment is taken until just before delivery).


  • Latin Name: Euphorbia Trigona 'Rubra'

    Origin: Cultivar of Euphorbia Trigona

    Common Name: African Milk Tree. Cathedral Cactus. Euphorbia Trigona 'Royal Red'. Abyssinian Euphorbia. Good Luck Plant. 

    Origin: West Africa.

    Hardiness: Frost tender.

    Growth Characteristics:  Tall upright succulent tree with closely packed stems flushed red -magenta in colour. Each have 3-4 vertical ridges with pairs of spines on the edges. Produces purplish-red lanceolate shaped leaves in spring. Milky sap which can be an irritant. Requires little maintenance

    Sun: Full sun/partial shade.

    Exposure: Sheltered.

    Soil: Well drained soil. Gritty.

    Moisture: Water regularly during growing season. Allow to dry between waterings. Keep dry in winter.

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    All palms and plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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