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Cycas Panzhihuaensis.

The Cycas Panzhihuaensisis a very distinctive and rare plant. This really attractive cycad was only discovered and named in 1979 and has been relatively unknown outside of China until recently.
It is easy to grow, but relatively slow. It has rings of fairly stiff feathery pinnate leaves which emerge green but mature to a shiny blue/green. Similar to the Sago Palm.
Perfect for the collector!


These are amazing quality plants from a specialist grower. Photos 1-4 show some of the exact Cycas Panzhihuaensis in stock now.

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  • Latin Name: Cycas Panzhihueansis

    Common Name: Dukou Sago Palm, Panzihua Sago

    Native: Sichuan and Northern Yunnan provinces. Northern provinces of China

    Hardiness: very cold hardy, down to -8

    Growth: Slow growing, distinctive plant. Stout trunk, with a crown of fairly stiff feathery leaves, which emerge green but mature to a shiny blue/green.

    Sun: full sun/partial shade.

    Moisture: well drained soil, plant slightly above the soil line.

    Soil: Prefers alkaline.

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    All palms and plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.   

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