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Cryosophila Williamsii. Root Spine Palm.
The Cryosophila Williamsii palm is very rare and critically endangered in the wild mostly due to habitat loss. It has a solitary trunk which can be straight or curved covered in distinctive spiny roots, whitish in colour, bent downwards especially on the lower half of the trunk. The crown is made up of between 17-25 almost circular deeply divided fan shaped leaves, dark green in colour above and silvery below. This very attractive palm can reach btween 3-7m tall in habitat. 

Definately one for the collectors.


Photos 1-2 show some of the actual palms in stock now. These palms are exceptional quality, from specialist growers.

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  • Latin Name: Cryosophila Williamsii.

    Common Name: Lago Yojoa Palm, Root-spine Palm.

    Native to: Northeastern Honduras.

    Hardiness: Frost tender.

    Growth: Evergreen. Critically endangered in the wild. Solitary trunk palm, straight or curved. Root spines from lower part of the trunk. Costalpalmate leaves deeply divided. Unarmed Petioles.

    Sunlight: Full / partial sun.

    Exposure: sheltered.

    Soil: Likes alkaline soil.

    Moisture: Well draining soil. Needs some humidity. 

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    All palms and plants have been imported with phytosanitary certificates from top quality growers.

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