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Adenium Obesum. Desert Rose Plant.
The Adenium Obesum is a very unique and attractive succulent shrub. Unusual swollen base stems are used to store water through periods of drought. From the caudex several slender stems grow with glossy green leathery leaves spirally arranged around them towards the tips. Even in young plants of 2-3 years or 6-8 inches can flower. Flowers are arranged in groups at the top of the branches and are tubular with 5 petals and tend to be either red or pink fading to white towards their throat. Size can be restricted by pot dimentions and because of this and it's unusual shape they are becoming increasingly popular as a succulent Bonsai plant and pretty houseplant in the UK.


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ADENIUM OBESUM. Desert Rose Plant.

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  • Latin Name: Adenium Obesum.
    Common Name: Desert Rose Plant. Mock Azalea. Impala Lily. Sabi Star.
    Native to: Africa. Arabian Peninsula.
    Hardiness: Frost tender. Houseplant.
    Growth: Succulent shrub. Swollen base stem with slender stem growing from it. Glossy green leaves spirally arranged towards the tips of them. Clusters of tubular usually pink or red flowers with white throats at the ends of the branches. May lose it's leaves during cold spells. Sap can be toxic if ingested.
    Sunlight: Bright position.
    Exposure: Sheltered.
    Soil: Fast draining.

    Moisture: In summer, growth and flowering periods water abundantly. Treat like a cactus in winter and water very sparingly if at all.

    Feeding: Feed every month during growing season.

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